Life Science Grade 12 Study Guide.

Life Science Grade 12 Study Guide.

Test your knowledge of Life Science Grade12, Using past question papers and memorandums on An easy to use a system that marks your test automatically.

Discuss the Subject on a free forum with other grade12s Nationally, Ask questions, Download past question Papers and Memorandums FREE for EVER.

A focus on the 2016 and the 2017  question papers. All the questions are automatically marked by the system.  Please use this to test your understanding of the subject. The main one is Life Science, Grade 12 past Exams.

You can download all questions here on their original question paper and their memorandum. The program helps to assess you.

Whenever you are lost, or you cant get help from the Life Science Grade12 forum, Try to ask your question here: assist me! We will ask teachers and tutors to assist you the best way they can. If your problem is a technical one please got to support to ask our technical team for help.

Our aim is to create one virtual class where all grade 12s can discuss and help each other.

Help other students with their questions, don’t keep it to yourself. the more you talk about it the more it sticks in your mind, the easier it becomes to remember. So Join the forums.


What to do to Start my test on Life Science Grade12?

  1. Click on “Take this Course ” button.  don’t be scared all the Life Science Grade12 subjects are FREE.
  2. Click chapter 1.
  3. Go through the chapter topics,  click Mark Complete. Some topics will have Tasks
  4. Some chapters don’t have content, Mark Complete, for now, We will put more info and guidance here next time. you can take the test only after you have marked Complete all the lessons/ chapters.
  5. Read the instructions. You must get used to this, it will help you relax next time in the exam.
  6. Click on  Start the Test.

Do not use the Memorandum when answering the questions. You are testing yourself, not proving to anyone that you can get high marks.

Don’t ask the question on the forums before you finish the tests yourself.

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